Once you have Planning Permission the next stage of the project is the production of detailed drawings and the production of a Building Warrant Application.

What is Building Warrant?

A building warrant is permission granted by your local council. It details how your project will be constructed which should meet the current Building Regulation Standard Regulations.

What Does a Building Warrant Application Comprise of?

Your project must meet the current building standards. The building warrant submission will include a full set of detailed drawings, comprising of plans, sections, elevations and details showing details of the layout, materials, structure, electric, plumbing and other details of your building.  A Structural Engineer will be required to provide structural calculations, details and S.E.R Certificate and  U-value calculations and SAP test relating to the energy efficiency of the building will also require to be submitted. All of this information will be submitted to Building Standards as part of the building warrant application.

How Long Does Building Warrant Approval Take?

It normally takes around six weeks to receive building warrant, however on more complex projects this can take longer.

How Much Does a Building Warrant Application Cost?

The cost for a Building Warrant varies depending on the work required. The fee for the Building Warrant is based on the cost of the works to be carried out. The minimum fee payable for a building warrant is £100 this is based on a cost of work at £5000. The fee increases £15 for each additional £500 worth of works up to a value of £100,000. Click here for further information

How Long Does The Building Warrant Approval last for? 

The Building Warrant Approval lasts for three years.