plot for saleDon’t underestimate the time it takes to find your perfect site, it’s often the most time consuming aspect of a self-build project. It’s also the most important decisions you’ll make as it will impact on the design, the cost and logistics. So how do you go about finding a Rural housing Plot?

Estate Agents

National and local estate agents will list plots for sale. It’s worth contacting them and adding yourself to their mail list so that you are kept up-dated when new sites are advertised.

Other Websites

There are  several online sites that advertise plots for sale. Plot Finder and Build Store  are some of the largest but there are also sites like Wreck of the Week, which lists derelict buildings and renovation opportunities throughout the UK


Make sure you check the local newspaper or local magazine where you would like to buy a site. A local landowner may advertise a site for sale via the local newspaper.

Our Mailing List

You can join our mailing list as we often send out a newsletter if one of our clients are selling a plot or site with outline or full planning permission.

Approach Land Owner Directly

If you have a specific area in mind then it may be worth while approaching a local farmer, crofter or land owner to see if they would be interested in selling you a piece of land.