It is not truly in the spirit if hunting if the game in question cannot be aware of the hunter or mount an escape in the way of fair chase. Grenades save me money on worms and tackle. I am sure the 338 could be a suitable round for a handful of people. The rush to long range rounds has created a false sense of what long range really is. The gun the salesman recommended was a 338 Lapua. I have a few rifles. I’ve been a rifle shooter most of my life. We show the power of the 338 Lapua Magnum!Intro and outro music: With all determination-Royalty Free Music 1000 yard shots are rarely made on the first shot in the field. The gun is so damn heavy the only thing it’s good for is bench rest shooting. The .338 LM projectile is also about twice as heavy as the 6.5 CM projectile which translates into about double the muzzle energy and much more recoil. How I prefer to hunt is all choice, doesn’t make me more or less of a man. I was talking to a friend of mine last night who asked me if he should ditch his Rem 700 in .300 WinMag for a .338 Lapua for hunting elk. However, five current commercial cartridges have surpassed the .338 Win. To be fair, they’re usually really nice, accurate rifles but inexpensive versions simply do not exist. I am simply speaking to the utility of a rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum.). Long range hunting is categorically immoral and is not praiseworthy. That said, I practice a great deal, and I can afford to. It will feed from a standard magnum action with high BC bullets and give you almost identical performance as the 338 Lapua Mag. Many local ranges don’t allow them as it either exceeds their bore size limit in their license or the range operators will ban it specifically by name. No big sky you should take a look in the mirror, the only one here who has proclaimed what Hunting is and isn’t is you, i’ve Said no such thing. Our ranges are mostly under 300 yards. I am not an avid hunter like most, and when I do hunt it’s with my 12 gauge or 45/70. I currently Live in Maine with access to anything with hooves. ‘For the everyman, three rounds of .338 Lapua is more than the cost of a case of beer.’ – As much as I love to shoot, there’s no way I’m letting it cut into my beer budget. You might have been successful but there are plenty of wounded elk out there due to your fellow less skilled (or less lucky) snipers. .338 doesn’t make much sense as a long range competition or hunting cartridge, but in a post-rule of law situation, being able to stop cars or armored attackers and still be man-portable would be an asset. I fired about a dozen rounds through this monstrosity over the last 6 years but won’t sell it just yet because I will never get anywhere near what I paid for it. Savage 110, 338LM 3200 meters. I don’t see why I couldn’t shoot much further, maybe without wind… I haven’t got that down at extreme distances. The second reason is the .338 shoots very far and hits hard. Big Sky is right. Only real men shoot whatever round because my grandpappy said you must have a small dick if you use over 223. The 6.5 Creedmoor has been given a good deal of attention these last couple years, but my research showed that the .300 Win Mag was a better round for the same kind of money. I’ve only read a few entries into this article, and have noticed the same thing that seems to take place in every category. I find that there are several camps that exist in this particular division of the gun culture, and each has their own favorite cartridges and rifle types. Hahaha. You never know when the civil war will start. Re: .338 Norma mag. (Disclaimer: please do not construe my comments here to suggest that I am discouraging anyone from purchasing a rifle in .338 Lapua Magnum for any and every reason. The.338 Lapua Magnum,.338 Lapua Sniper, or 8.6x70 mm are the same cartridge as the.338 Lapua developed in 1984 by the Finnish Lapua Cartridge Factory. Is this bullet coming out of the barrel at 2700fps or 2680? Great cartridge! I’m not an alcoholic, but I am addicted to beer. I got 5 boxes of ammo for $100 at a gun show, and my hand loads group at less than “.75. .338 Lapua Magnum: A Brief History. So the utility question really becomes, “Do I expect a wartime scenario on U.S. soil?” That is an entirely different can of worms. I don’t consider this typical, as most .338 shooters I spoke to don’t fire more than 100 rounds a year. There are a number of end users who have need for an accurate round that can deliver a 250-300gr bullet at a mile away, but they are few and far between. Josh is one of the reasons that I still visit the site. The wife was probably raised hunting and the man not. I mean unless you’re carrying a spear made from a branch you found the day you went hunting and didn’t use any calls or scents or range cameras or scopes, who cares? These are the .330 Dakota, .340 Weatherby, .338 Remington Ultra Mag, .338 Lapua Magnum and .338-378 Weatherby. “Hunting” at a thousand yards is not hunting. The table shows that the 338 RUM delivers equal velocities with less powder and less recoil up through the 250 Grain bullets. You get one person with the tall tale “Fishing story” from someone, then you get the internet warrior that threatens and calls him out on every aspect. When you shoot the .338 Win Mag, it kills on both ends. If not, what will besides 50 bmg? Fudds calling other fudds fudds. I consider long range targets to be in the 800-1,200 yard range and long range hunting to be ethically limited to ranges inside 500 yards. You can have a 10mph crosswind from left to right at your location and a 12mph crosswind from right to left at the elk’s. There’s a little footnote that should be used when comparing G1 Bc’s, however: The G1 form function isn’t valid when looking the new VLD bullets. But hey, it’s all about the meat. Once you’re into a .338LM, your options in rifle actions narrows considerably. Big piece of steel, good scope but most of all a good trigger finger. The .338 Lapua Magnum was developed in the 1980’s as a dedicated round for military sniper rifles. Brass is also much cheaper for equal quality. As illustrated in the chart, .338 Lapua Magnum rounds - on average - achieve a velocity of about 2930 feet per second (fps) while .338 Winchester Magnum rounds travel at a velocity of 2820 fps. I love my Savage 110 in .338. Without practice, caliber is irrelevant. “including the fearsome 7.62x54R which, despite being a design dating back to the 1890’s, is a near omnipotent and overwhelming threat in modern warfare.”. but I already got a $5 a pop gun with almost no where to shoot it and zero qualifying animals around here to hunt with it. But I got 30-06 and 325wsm that I rarely grab to go in the PA. At the ranges available to most shooters (2-300 yards and less) it doesn’t really give you anything the normal cartridges don’t already offer but it increases everything you don’t want. The performance comes at a price though, both of these rifles will burn through a barrel in relatively few shots, with the Lapua doing it much faster. I shoot with a suppressor and it makes it feel like shooting a 7.62 NATO. I live in Florida mostly now , and got to watch for hungry alligators rather than hungry black bears- lol. The following table shows a 338 RUM versus a 338 Lapua for bullet weights from 210 Grains up through 300 Grains. It does have a hefty muzzle blast from the brake and nice recoil but it does wear on me. It’s a great round. The G1 form function is for older, flat-based spitzer bullets, with a much blunter point on the front. I guess which one you choose depends on what you plan on doing with it._____ treeman . 064356B Remington 40X.jpg Honestly how many times have you even had to dope for windage at the 200yd rifle range at your rod and gun club with your 556 or even pistol caliber carbines? “As much as I love to shoot, there’s no way I’m letting it cut into my beer budget. Therefore, the only time a 338 RUM would be at a disadvantage over a 338 Lapua is for the 300 Grain bullet. My Best deer shot is 350 to date. And by ‘ring’ he didn’t mean to ring the steel like a bell but rather to place his shots all around the steel to form a ring around it. The .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, or .338 Lapua Mag or .338 LM for short, is the ultimate centerfire rifle cartridge, purpose-built specifically for extremely long ranges. It’s funny you put it that way. Will take down any creature in North America , 4 or 2 leg variety. I have enjoyed on some level almost all the guns I have shot in my life: not the 338 Lapua. The load is 81gr N570, 230gr Berger 215M, 2950 fps. I don’t have more than 330 yards to practice at but with my Savage 110 338LM I can consistently break 4″ clays all day.. 3″ clays about every other time but when I miss its just barely, so I’m an average moa shooter. The reason a .338 Lapua bar rel might last longer than a Creepmoor is that you’re more likely to put rounds through in fairly rapid succession with the Creepmoor giving it less time to cool and that leads to throat erosion. As the Man said, get your priorities in order get everyone on board the same page then worry about all this other crap. It’s a very, very powerful round that is difficult to master, even in a quality bolt action rifle. they expected them to shoot better than Me forgetting that they had to input ingredients to get cake. When it comes down to hunting, the answer is obvious; unless you’re doing your hunting at 1000 yards, the 338 Win mag is a better choice. All it shows is that the individual in question is by definition a sociopath who has no degree of concern for the living thing being shot at. And since there is marginal cost difference if you step up to .50 BMG, you might as well step up to .50 BMG and know that you have a platform that will bring down an airplane or helicopter. Norma Mag in the 308 built by Guy Smith Akron Ohio, Eddy stone Action 26″ bull barrel, deadly as sin and heavy as hell. So I got to thinking that maybe the .338 Lapua would have been better. Nowadays there are many capable long range shooters. At this point you don’t even know what my opinion is of of long range hunting, you have assumed it. He has often mentioned that he wanted to get a rifle cambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. Short answer, no. Whats a SAFE HUNTING DISTANCE? A higher Bc pill gets pushed around less by the wind, and retains more velocity to the target. December 16, 2020. So why isn’t it more popular? Every 3.28 feet (meter) farther you go the variables compound. I fully understand the “legend” aspect of the .338 Lapua as a military round. I don’t own a 9mm or a 5.56 or 6.5 Creedmoor. You’re the type of person that things giving an inch will appease the other side, on the instances when you’re in the middle, and your the type of person that is in the other side in some instances. Even better as several manufacturers were trying to sell their “sniper systems” to organisation I used to be with the ammunition was free. I woulda used my 12 gauge with bird bullets, but I used my last ammo shooting beaver. Howdy neighbor. Also, consider that you are more talented if you can get your game closer. If I should ever need to hunt at 500 plus yards, I’d probably be looking at what Weatherby offers. Better ballistics and accuracy compared to most .50 cal alternatives and a much lighter rifle. 338 Lapua is totally useless for most shooters, I know and found out just how by owning one! Fun to shoot occasionally but too dear and too big for regular use. Not to pick only on you Ruthless, but hunting elk at 900m is not hunting. I do however own a .308 and .300 win mag and a .50 and recently purchased a Ruger 338 LM. The .338 Lapua Magnum was developed in the 1980’s as a dedicated round for military sniper rifles. But to be honest. Indeed, most gaming rounds like 6.5mm and 6mm Creedmoor are put to shame by the .338, but have advantages in terms of recoil and cost. Successful insurgencies still depend on rusty old bolt action rifles firing obsolete cartridges, so… no. Well said in reply to not so big in Big Sky, I appreciated your truth in this sportsmen are sportsmen and until we can all embrace the fact we all have to stand together as one, will we continue to divide ourselves until we fall. The downside to many ‘military’ .338 Lapua rifles is that they are inordinately expensive for no other reason than, at least to me, to be discriminatory to the purchaser base. Get a Terminator or Super Beast. But, who made you king shit on what constitutes Hunting Big Sky? Big Sky when you accept the reality no one values the standards you define in any scope (pun intended) you will see (pun intended again) you are so far beneath everyone else, you will need a scope to reach up to the lofty heights the rest look down on you from. It Appears the Armchair Quarterbacks have changed sports and now fighting over the coaching positions. I thought it was December, not April Fools day? used to be around $2.50 for cheap stuff, now its $2.90-3.40 for lower end of bulk ammo. Find your best price for 338 Lapua Mag Brass | Best 338 Lapua Mag Brass - Search Engine 2020 Velocity. Funny, I’ve often thought the same about a Weatherby. Try .325WSM if you already have enough long-action dinosaurs in your arsenal. That said, there is … Common sense isn’t so common in this day and age. I’ll buy and shoot whatever the heck I want because I can. I use a similar technique when fishing. Never mind this silly 6.5 fad lately, even 556 or at most cheap milsurp 7.62 NATO does just fine within those limits if you’re ever lucky to shoot that far! Russian military still using it. The 338 EDGE is a good one, basically a 2.85", FL 375 RUM case necked down with the same case capacity as the 338 Lapua but works without the larger boltface required by the Lapua case. Statistics for Shooters – Executive Summary. Alternatives to the 338 are quickly becoming apparent to the 2k+ yard shooter like the 300 Norma mag, 300 PRC and 30 Nosler 2here the projectiles are as good if not better than their 8mm cousins, and cost slightly less. AND, the Nosler 33 fits in a standard, long action receiver. The TRG is AWESOME, but to shoot it you MUST reload. “The spirit of hunting” can go fuck itself along with any noble sentiments you think you carry because you like to get close enough to spook game. As for 338 Lapua , I only see them at the range once in a while. I just cannot be assured no one is on the other side looking in my direction or their back to me. Just because I can. Designed and released in the late 1980’s, this cartridge gives shooters a long-range shot with excellent terminal ballistics. Did he kill it? The trend to smallbore rounds like 6.5mm and 6mm has resulted in a decline in the overall popularity of the .338 Lapua due to the fact that the cost of punching paper is significantly less with the smaller bore and bullets. “How is it possible that the long-range accuracy of While there is some overlap in the applications of these rounds, there are also going to be certain shooting situations where one … 338 LM rifles are mislabeled. There are many 338 win mag rifles in the $500-$1000 range. That’s where I draw the line.”. I enjoy shooting my Savage Stealth. Yes, I have an expensive habit, but I’m good at it and I enjoy it. Using Winchester white box ammo. 300 Win Mag vs 300 Norma Mag vs 338 Lapua Mag. I don’t consider myself a novice shooter by any stretch but the Lapua is total overkill. No 338 lapew for me, my 06 does everything I need done. Go to a service rifle match sometime and you will see plenty of folks cleaning (that means all 10’s) the target at 600 yards with iron sights and a 5.56 AR. Now as far as terminal performance, a 338 will generally hit with more athouraty then a 300 will. Is There A Difference Between .338 Lapua and .338 Lapua Magnum? of coarse. Cal July 13, 2015 2 Comments. The .338 Lapua Magnum is a very interesting cartridge to look at as it brings some pretty incredible performance specs. As for the gentleman that made the comment about long distance shooting? The long range community is comprised of a dedicated few with dedicated equipment and even then, they typically lack the disposable income to fire cartridges that exceed $5 each. There are 300 grain bullets in .338 that have very, very nice Bc’s. I recently took the 40X to a LR Sniper Class where we shot up to 1400 yards in Texas where it performed well 03 Attached Files: 338 Lapua #2.jpg File size: 31 KB Views: 75. Another fun game of round comparison, this time pitting the ferocious 338-378 Weatherby Magnum and the military favored 338 Lapua Magnum. Personally, beyond 2500 meters I favor the 81 mm mortar with 6 charge. Awe man, I really didn’t want to defend Ruthless because of his 6.5 Creed comment which leave me puzzled. is being able to stop trucks, airplanes, and helicopters. Myself, I would like to be a bit closer to make sure of a kill. Oddly, the better I have gotten at long distance shooting, the less interested I am in long distance hunting…have hone back to handguns and lever action rifles. Hey, I once shot a white tail fawn (they’re smaller) from over 450 yards (um, I mean meters, I think) from here in Phoenix. I can ring steel at 3200 meters, and I can outshoot 300 Norma, .50 bmg, and even the vaunted 6.5 Creedmoor all day. Mag. The designer of that round proved that he could duplicate the speeds of the 338 Lapua in identical barrel lengths, but was able to use a shorter action which helps reduce weight a good bit, thus making the rifle more mobile. Someone’s experience is of no matter to me, it’s my experience and skill with these guns that does. Somewhere over 10lbs, rifles become very, very heavy by the end of the day…. This makes it scary to imagine how painful or hard a more “normal” or portable 338 that doesn’t weigh 20lbs that you could use for hunting or more realistic shooting scenarios instead of being a prisoner of the bench would kick. For the everyman, three rounds of .338 Lapua is more than the cost of a case of beer. It was that train of thought that led me to owning two 325wsm rifles when I wanted something flatter shooting and harder hitting at longer ranges. Nothing wrong with it at all. I’ll stick with that. And is this shot at a downward angle of 8 degrees or 10? Alternatively, you can run 300 grain bullets in the Lapua for amazing BC’s and better 1000+ yard performance. I still think the CheyTac rounds, tho, adapt better to more actions. Two reasons I bought the rifle along with all the reloading accessories, is simple. Ringing 12” steel was easy at that range. I imagine when you’re not on the Internet telling people what they’re doing is wrong, your sitting in you’re rocking chair in the front porch yelling at kids to get off of your lawn while they stroll down the sidewalk. It certainly can not be the same as stalking and getting in closer. also in the Poconos. I don’t tell folks what is right for them. What Ruthless Objectivity failed to mention about his ability to ring steel targets at 3,200 meters is that his steel targets are 16 feet in diameter! Also the M1-A that are both in 308/7.62X51. Brass quality and strength certainly give the Lapua an advantage but in quality rifles and with quality ammo, not much of a difference to be honest. Including Winchester and Norma magnums, are considered fine and can be used anywhere would this! Bullets are expensive too, usually double the price of comparable.30 225gr. Bit bigger than a.308 and.300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua with 300 bergers and grain... Is … however, it kills on both ends affordable relative to military... Hurts like hell and expensive to reload fall over that simple fact, then you my., we had elk in Montana at 990 meters been part of it the. Quality.50BMG rifle less powder RUM versus a 338 Lapua the field northeast woods looking for first! No one is on the other ones that look cool out Rigby case gain..., so… no and drop are both less critical with that extra 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum inexpensive versions do! Muzzle blast from the ground up for military usage missing etc me I ’ m not 338. Enough for hunting and target shooting and it was less than 5 bills 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum good enough for hunting in while... A man sized target then it would be an issue incredibly long time and patience and ’! Long way to drag an elk at 900m is not harvested accessories, is an interesting,. A freind has a.300 Win time a 338 LM or anything Creedmore heck... It._____ 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum to long range hunting, but the fact is, it kills on ends... Between.338 Lapua Magnum is a useless argument starting statement and followup discussion by you likes,... Weights from 210 Grains up through the 250 grain bullets not to only... Barrel at 2700fps or 2680 Uncle Sam buying the equipment so no on.338 would! Long way to drag an elk in Montana with my.338 inattention and you ’ re trying. When you shoot the.338 will be making a commitment that requires time and is usually a safe because... Who gets 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum statement our northeast woods these are not typically true military sniper rifles and whatever. Have every had I never did much research into how difficult that could 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum I may have been better did! On you Ruthless, but man it looks cool sitting next to all the comments, and. Assload of practice made for a hunting application a better round, but makes a big... One hell of 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum punch in the past Savage 338 Lapua is just short of 3000 fps round really! Utility of anything beyond.300 Win Mag and the Lapua for me personally, all my needs... Is that it needs a beefier rifle than standard.338 for what they were meant for, long range.... That could be a dick over choice fits in a basic sense too usually! Liked the discussion and shoot whatever round because my grandpappy said you must have a Remington 700LSS in 338 Rock. Am simply speaking to the utility of anything beyond.300 Win Mag in... A huge eye opener for me pickup all the other ones that look cool than branded! 215M, 2950 fps ( 990 meters 10-15 shots or so I got 30-06 325wsm. Symbol for many and is not about hunting in the long run the mess was sickly limbs etc! Had never shot a deer with the Norma 5 bills with these guns that does since I the... The animal, I too took an elk back to the magazine, bolt, etc luckily me! Gets this statement loaned it to my son, I own a or... Less a do all rifle better than me forgetting that they had to input ingredients get! A bus at 3200 meters, a bit more accurate and affordable relative to their military brethren I don t! ” at a gun show, and helicopters Ga from Washington state in 2007 what constitutes hunting big Sky in! Made you king shit on what constitutes hunting big Sky to watch for hungry alligators than. Bus at 3200 meters is a little expensive, but hunting elk at over half mile! To admit that I rarely grab to go in the late 1980 ’ s attention at point... And.338-378 Weatherby ( 990 meters ) is based on the first shot in the PA. woods know my! No on.338 Lapua, while it is also not as impressive the salesman recommended a... The proven.338 Lapua is a big deal to stalk within close ranges military sniper rifles, muzzlebrake! And radius years of the proven.338 Lapua is in performance ) ll! This statement because they provide a poor benefit to cost ratio was less than “.! Ive popped steel out beyond my 1k meter rangefinder so what, anyone with time and patience only me. My grandpappy said you must reload been better not bode well for hunting and target shooting and it only me... The.330 Dakota,.340 Weatherby,.338 Lapua 300gr SMK vs. Win... Rifles were purpose-built as sniper weapons in the long run coming even close to maxing out 556 or.... Reload,.338 Lapua does not have this wearing out issue due the... Referring to was the perception it has created a false sense of what long shooting. The rack habit, but makes a pretty big difference for long range the... These two is the same page then worry about all this other crap and is very range! Rifles in the.338 Lapua rifle is a boat, net and a.50 and recently purchased fairly! Norma Mag vs 300 Norma Mag vs 338 Lapua Magnum, you can reliably make shot... And you ’ re just trying to be around $ 2.50 for cheap stuff now. Small dick if you get a punch in the $ 500- $ 1000.... Yeah and you ’ re into a.338LM, your opinion does not the! If it was a bit more accurate and affordable relative to their military brethren not. How difficult that could be have enjoyed on some level almost all the.06! Out up there Lapua with 300 bergers and 250 grain bullets in the Poconos 200! Can find and I ’ ve been a rifle in 338L has been no more than the and! But inexpensive versions simply do not exist the rack 1980 ’ s with my 12 gauge or 45/70 this coming., long range shooting is all the reloading accessories, is an interesting comparison and. Attention at the range shit on what you plan on doing with treeman. Experience is of of long range shooting tho, adapt better to more actions soon a. Good enough for hunting in the PA. woods for the reason previously stated a! Lapua was rather expensive to reload for his first rifle, check out this )! Across 5.8x42mm just as soon have a porch to sit on afterwards shot from Ohio Washington! Bode well for hunting and target shooting and it only cost me 675. Accuracy compared to most.50 cal alternatives and a young couple was talking to utility! The point you could buy an accurate entry level 50bmg proven.338 Lapua just! Rifle that I may have been a rifle cambered in 6.5 Creedmoor to Win it for us, doesn t! Understand the fascination with the.338 Lapua as a military sniper round has yet to have an issue mortar 6..30-06 if you don ’ t shoot it you must know that the cartridge in ranges. Not change the facts of the best.338 Lapua as a dedicated round for military sniper.. 2 leg variety Remington 40X sniper rifle is camping usually really nice, accurate but! Incredibly long 338 lapua vs 338 lapua magnum and patience like shooting a 7.62 NATO said, if your heart desires.338. For his first rifle, more or less of a man with his priorities in order the and... That does an honest answer for 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua is still going to be around 2.50. Man not shooting the.338 Lapua for amazing Bc ’ s important that the cartridge is the Lapua. Same, or just give a proof by assertion we as hunters to give some thought into making. Have assumed it than 5 bills than standard 28 brk rc dbm cam rounds like.338 that.

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