The best variety of iris for making orris root powder is I. Germanica florentina. Buy it in its powdered form, as it would be too difficult and not worth the effort to grind yourself. Typically, orris root used in Gin has been dried for five years or more. The licorice note is one of the most versatile and beloved tastes among all spices. Roll the pomander in a mixture of orris root and cinnamon. In modern times, we use it as a fixative in potpourri and in many perfumes. French: racine d’iris Juniper is to gin what hops are to IPAs: It’s not gin without it. The flavor is also floral and has a distinct bitter taste. Orris Root is a common herb which is known to possess a sweet smell. Check your inbox. The flower stems reach to 3 ft. (1 m) and higher and bear either white flowers tinged with violet and a yellow beard, or pure white flowers with no beard. The term orris root is used to denote the roots of a number of species, including Iris germanica, Iris pallida and Iris florentina. It likewise has few medicinal usages. Orris root powder was readily available from pharmacies in North America in the 1950s, however these days it is necessary to seek out a specialty herb and spice retailer for your supply. We wanted our gin to have a fresh zesty, citrus taste so we chose bitter Orange and pink Grapefruit peels. Spanish: raiz de iris Florentina, Iris Germanica fiorentina, I. pallida Historically, orris root was highly prized in the perfume industry. Orris will never make a decent garnish and iris’ are listed amongst toxic garden plants, so this is probably one left well alone…. TASTE. Cassia bark gives a vanilla-like scent with a spicy cinnamon note. No longer restricted to just a handful of the traditional best gin brands, the “ginaissance” is taking over the world, one mouthwatering cocktail at a time.. Orris root is a fixative. Bloodline Whiskey. Orris root is an all-natural herb which has significant benefits. Liquorice root adds a combination of dryness and sweetness. Carbonated Water, Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavouring (Grapefruit, Orange, Quinine), Carrot and Hibiscus Concentrates, Fermented Botanical Extracts: (Juniper Berry, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemongrass, Orris Root), Pink Grapefruit Juice See more Premium grade Florentine iris is almost white in color, while less carefully peeled orris root may yield a powder that is brownish and contains corky, reddishbrown particles of skin. Distilled, orris root retains its floral notes, but it also carries an earthy, dusty sweetness that falls somewhere in the middle of grass and hay. Orris root powder is pale-cream to white in color, is very fine-textured like talcum powder, and has an aroma distinctly similar to that of violets. Butcher's Cut Bourbon. Back to Top. Imported. The root has been used in perfumes for years – not just for its own smell, but for its ability to bind and enhance other scents. Gilded Age Vodka. //

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