Altarf: Isle of Skye

Mobile House: Isle of Skye

Located on the Isle of Skye, this mobile micro home prototype was developed as a low cost, thermally efficient, mobile house, designed for the rural landscape.

The Client’s initial brief was for a ‘small but not tiny’ house on the site. However, after discovering that the ground conditions on the site were poor and would not support traditional foundations, a ‘mobile house’ concept was developed.

The house contains three main spaces, which are open to the apex, to provide a feeling of space, light and height. Each is divided by a deep storage wall, containing storage or other functions. The three spaces flow together, creating a greater feeling of space and light throughout the building.

Externally, the building is clad in a mixture of black standing seam zinc and untreated Siberian larch cladding, emulating those materials commonly found within the rural landscape. Both external and internal materials were considered in terms of longevity, re-use, maintenance and environmental impact.

Once complete, the building was transported across the Skye landscape, to the site and lifted into position. In the future the building can be removed from site and travel to a new location, where its narrative will continue.

Photographs: David Barbour

Area: 30m²    Completion: Autumn 2019・ Client: Private

RIAS Award: Shortlisted (Under-consideration)
Scottish Design Award: Shortlisted (Under-consideration)

Pollokshields: Renovation

Pollokshields: Renovation

Located in the ground floor of a converted sandstone villa within the Pollokshields’ Conservation Area, this project created a light, open plan kitchen forming a new central hub of a family home This was achieved by readjusting the focus from the front shared garden to the private rear garden and re-planning the internal circulation through out the ground floor. The new full height zinc dormer creates a modern intervention between the two-storey villa and the former utilitarian building to the rear, bringing in much need light into the kitchen and forming a new connection to the garden.

The low ceiling in the kitchen was removed, opening the space up to the apex, a new roof light was added to bring further light into the rear of the kitchen. Work included insulating the walls, floor and ceiling of the new space and constructing a new acoustic and fire separation wall between the existing house and neighbouring property.

The material palette both internally and externally was kept simple and robust.

Photographs: David Barbour

Area: 50m²    Completion: Summer 2018・ Client: Private

Awards: GIA Awards 2019: Small Works: Commendation